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Australian Canning: Cold-Chain Logistics

PakCan Logistics provides Australian beer and beverage producers and manufacturers with mobile canning, packaging, warehousing solutions, distribution and logistics support. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, PakCan's in-house cold-chain logistics ensures your product stays fresh throughout the supply chain. Perfect for cold brew coffee, tea, beer, cider, wine, RTD's and more

Cold-Chain Logistics

We provide a cost-effective, high quality alternative to move and store your product

How we can help:

  • Inventory on demand - our mobile canning and packaging service provides everything required to get your product retail ready
  • Refrigerated transport and distribution - maintain optimal freshness throughout the supply-chain
  • Flexible and affordable refrigerated warehousing
  • Cans are warehoused in a sanitised environment pre-fill
  • Save your precious brew-house space for production capacity with our competitive warehousing services

We store your can stock in a sanitised environment pre-fill, and cold-store your packaged product post fill. 

By grouping together the support services we provide, we are able to offer a cost-effective and flexible cold-chain logistics solution. Our refrigerated transport and warehousing service's are designed to ensure your product maintains the highest possible quality for longer.  

Since we are already onsite at your production facility, helping with mobile canning, labeling, and packaging - why not utilise our in-house refrigerated transport and warehousing service?