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PakCan Logistics provides Australian beer and beverage producers and manufacturers with mobile canning, packaging, warehousing solutions, distribution, transport, export and logistics support. We bring mobile beverage canning, labelling and packaging services to your production facility. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, PakCan Logistics is about helping Australia's independent beverage manufacturers compete and grow through high quality, reliable and cost efficient support services.


We have the expertise to open doors to off-shore markets

How we can help:

Export markets are typically a key factor in the success story of leading businesses. In different journeys export growth comes early or late in the piece, but never without significant allocation of resources, specialist support and (often) some hard lessons along the way.

International trade tariffs, free trade agreements, freight logistics, excise duties and clearance processes form an intricate web of potential pitfalls and unforeseen expenses. Whilst on the other side, there sits huge potential for sales and profits that can take your business to the next level and beyond.

With a wealth of in-house experience gained from 15 years exporting into Asian markets,  PakCan export services are focused on helping brewers access profitable offshore markets without the need for the time, cost and resources that would be required were you to do this yourself.

We have established freight forwarding and customs clearance partnerships to get your product to market as fast as possible and in the best condition. We have distribution partnerships in key markets to get the best price for your product and ensure it is looked after and promoted well. And for those brewers where export quantity orders are not yet attainable our co-packaging options provide pathways to export markets that would otherwise be unable to be considered.