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Can Packaging Supplies

Beverage packaging wholesaler of aluminium cans, cartons, Plastic 6/4 pack paktech can carriers, cases, beverage labelling, pressure sensitive labels. PakCan Logistics provides Australian beer and beverage producers and manufacturers with mobile canning, packaging, warehousing, distribution and logistics support. Victoria, Australia, also services Sydney, New South Wales, Canberra, ACT, South Australia, Adelaide, Victoria, Tasmania

Packaging Wholesale Supplies

We provide cost-effective solutions to ensure you stand out from the crowd

Beverage packaging supplies:

  • Pak Tech can carriers (4 pack and 6 pack)

  • Cardboard carriers, trays, and cases (16, 20, 24 units)

  • Pressure sensitive labels

  • Aluminium beverage cans

  • Can ends: 202 Super End, Full Aperture Super End


PakCan is about proving a variety of packaging and labelling options that can be crafted to suit the specific customer requirement. This ranges from large, single design pre-printed can orders, to short run orders  to hit niche markets or sample demand.

The market-leading can printing capability of our can partner Orora allows your branding to fully harness the marketing canvas of the can. And for smaller quantities, our in-line pressure sensitive label application service give you the flexibility for labels to be as unique and textured as the product brief requires.

We then offer subsequent packaging solutions including 4 and 6 unit can carriers, 4 and 6 unit cardboard carriers, and larger 16, 20, 24 and 30 unit cardboard casing options.